What is Bluegrass Leather Pride?

Bluegrass Leather Pride was founded by Ms Constance in 2011 to provide a platform for those who wanted to compete for a Leather title, as well as a venue for education and fellowship for those in the Leather, Kink and BDSM communities in the Kentuckiana community.

What is a Leather title?

A Leather title is one for which an individual competes in order to win the opportunity to carry a specific title, like Bluegrass Leather Pride Bootblack, and usually go on to compete in another level of the same contest. Bluegrass Leather Pride is a state title. Winners of this title will continue on to Great Lakes Leather Alliance, which produces the regional contest, and then sends the winners of that contest to various International contests, depending on the title and the path the contestant and producer agree upon.

What kind of things are contestants judged on?

All titles have different criteria, some based on gender and/or sexual orientation, some are based on relationship definitions, and others are based on skills or accomplishments. That means, for instance, that a Sir or boy contestant must identify as both male, and gay. A Master and slave couple must have that particular dynamic, but their genders or sexual orientations don’t matter. Bootblacks are judged on a technical skill, and there is no gender or orientation criteria. Most titles have some common components, including an interview with a panel of judges, a speech, and pop questions. Some also include presentations, technical demonstrations, Leather image, and Le

Why would you want to win a Leather title?

There are a lot of reasons, and probably everyone has unique reasons, but one of the best reasons is because it’s a way to represent your viewpoint and your priorities in your local community and beyond. It’s usually because we believe we have something to say, or to prove, or to learn, or all three. The skills and lessons you learn in the competition are valuable skills in life in general. Making a title run will force you to learn to prepare for and do well in an interview, how to speak to strangers or in front of groups of people, and to learn more about the person living in your head.

I’m not “Leather.” Am I still welcome?

Absolutely you are welcome. Bluegrass Leather Pride is our family reunion, whether you are Leather or not. If you’re kinky, if you are interested in BDSM, if you just like watching hot folks in hot leather, then we invite you to come learn a little, meet some of our family, and possibly discover it’s your family, too.